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About shipping time

The seller shall ship the goods within the time specified by Paintweev, except for those with special provisions.

If the seller has not yet shipped the goods when the consumer applies for a refund, the seller shall obtain the consent of the consumer before shipping.

If the seller delays the shipment, or ships the goods after the consumer applies for a refund without the consumer's consent, the seller shall recover the goods already issued, except if the consumer has signed for and confirmed receipt of the goods.


About confirmation of shipping information

Unless otherwise agreed between the seller and the buyer, the seller shall ship the goods in accordance with the consignee address and consignee information agreed in the order and shall be responsible for delivering the goods to the consignee address specified by the consumer.

If the goods need to be picked up by the consumer at the designated location, the description should be prominently displayed on the product page to explain, and inform the consumer and obtain the consent of the consumer before delivery. If the seller violates the foregoing provisions, the consumer has the right to refuse to sign for the goods.

The seller shall promptly update the commodity information and courier information on the relevant pages of the transaction after delivery.


About filling in and changing the receipt information

The consumer shall provide the seller with the accurate address and information of the consignee in the order. When providing the consignee information, the consumer can choose himself or another person as the consignee. If the consumer chooses another person as the consignee, the consumer shall be liable for any breach of the obligations of this Code by the consignee.

If the consumer needs to change the consignee address or consignee information in the order, he/she shall contact the seller to obtain the seller's express consent before the goods are issued, or negotiate for processing.

If the seller fails to deliver the goods after delivery due to inaccurate information of the consignee address and/or consignee filled in by the consumer, or without the consent of the seller, the shipping cost shall be borne by the consumer.


About delivery of goods

The courier company selected by the seller shall take the initiative to contact the consignee when delivering the goods, and shall not sign for the goods to the community security guard, gatekeeper, company receptionist, etc. without the consent of the consignee.

The seller shall agree with the courier company that in the process of providing delivery, it shall comply with the standards and specifications stipulated in the relevant rules of the Paintweev platform, provide consumers with satisfactory delivery services, and actively improve customer satisfaction.


About signing and receiving of goods

After the seller delivers the goods as agreed, the consignee has the obligation to receive the goods in time. The consignee can sign for the goods himself or entrust others to sign for the goods, the consignee's signature is deemed to be the consignee's own signature.

If the consumer only fills in the address of the consignee, but not the consignee or the information of the consignee is not specific, and the goods are signed for at the consignee's address, the signature shall be deemed to be signed for by the consumer himself.