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Please feel free to contact our customer service team if you encounter any problem.

Paintweev provide two years of global warranty service, the specific product warranty period is as follows. In case of quality problems caused by manufacturing process or components during the warranty period, Paintweev will provide free repair service or replacement of parts, components or the whole product, as the case may be, for consumers with a real and valid purchase receipt. The warranty period starts from the date shown on the real and valid proof of purchase.


At the same time, according to the national three packages policy, the purchased product within 7 days (inclusive) of quality problems, you can contact the seller with the invoice for a return or exchange; the purchased product within 15 days (inclusive) of quality problems, you can contact the seller with the invoice for an exchange.


Paintweev appliances use original parts to provide warranty service. To ensure that consumers use the products normally as soon as possible and to create a quality service experience, Paintweev Home Appliances may choose to provide fast repair services in the form of replacement parts without component level repair. The ownership of the replaced parts or the whole machine will be owned by Paintweev Home Appliances and recycled for disposal.


- The warranty period for the product after free repair or replacement parts is the longer of:

1.The remainder of the original warranty period

2.90 days from the date of delivery to you after repair or replacement of parts

3.The period specified by applicable law


According to China's three guarantees laws and regulations, in the event of a complete replacement within the scope of the three guarantees, the warranty period for the replaced product will be recalculated from the date of replacement.


Please note that the following cases will not be eligible for free service:

1.Improper use caused by man-made damage, such as access to improper power supply, use of improper accessories, improper installation, not in accordance with the instructions, wrong use or damage caused by negligence, etc.; damage caused by transportation and other accidents; non-approved repair and modification; other damage caused by force majeure (such as natural disasters, voltage abnormalities, etc.).

2.Damage caused by general use outside the home (such as industrial, commercial use).

3.Normal use of the product caused by aging, wear and tear, but does not affect the normal use of the product.